Township Bicycle Tours with African Public Bicycles

The best way to experience life in a South African Township is on a bicycle with your local guide Jeff Mulaudzi. Meet the people, taste the food and enjoy a drink in the warm atmosphere of township dwellings. Make new friends and share the love with ordinary South Africans.

Learn of the hardships and challenges of daily life in Alexandra township close to Johannesburg's bustling city centre. Enjoy the tales of people who experienced the "Long walk to Freedom" with Tata Nelson Mandela. This experience will take you on a "ride" back into South Africa's history.

Jeffrey will take tourists to various heritage sites around Alexandra including a school, Nelson Mandela's house, a shebeen and Mogudu. In Jeff's own words: " Touring in a bus is like visiting a zoo, I want people to communicate and interact with Alex and it's people!"

Our bicycle tours are conducted in groups of 8 people. Bigger groups will be divided into smaller groups to ensure that guests enjoy a special experience.

Tour Option 1:

2 Hour tour @R450 per person
Includes a visit to a local shebeen, the first primary school in Alexandra and Nelson Mandela's house.

Tour Option 2:

4 Hour tour @R550 per person
Includes a lunch, hostel tour and beer tasting in addition to a visit to a local shebeen, the first primary school in Alexandra and Nelson Mandela's house.

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Contact Jeff for any enquiries:

+27-71 279 3654 OR +27-61 365 7695


Jeff was born and raised in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg where he lived with two siblings and his mother who was a domestic worker. He explains at school he was very restless and wanted to be unique in everything until he finally found an outlet for his restlessness through hockey. Hockey was also what awarded him a bursary at an upmarket school which led him to start Mulaudzi Alexandra Tours. “I had a French hockey coach and in 2010 I gave him a tour of my hometown of Alexandra by bicycle. He enjoyed it so much he immediately called up four more of his friends. With the money they gave me I bought two more bicycles and the business was started,” Jeff explains.

At only 22, entrepreneur Jeffrey Mulaudzi has achieved more in the business world than most other 22-year-olds currently graduating from university ever will. His venture Mulaudzi Alexandra Tours was started in 2010 when Jeff was still finishing school where it evolved from showing friends around, to a notable must-see tourist attraction.